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  1. 1. Are there any fees if I purchase cryptocurrencies via Service Providers at AcornBIT?

    Most Service Providers charge transaction fees. Please confirm exact fees at Service Providers' official websites.

  2. 2. Does AcornBIT charge any transaction fees?

    No. AcornBIT does not charge transaction fees.

  3. 3. Final prices at service providers are different from prices at AcornBIT.

    AcornBIT display prices Service Providers provide for your reference. There may be differences between prices at AcornBIT and final prices due to market fluctuation or rouding decimals. Please confirm exact prices at the Service Providers' official websites.

  4. 4. Final exchange rate is different from the one at the AcornBIT platform.

    Prices displayed at the AcornBIT platform, based on the last view of a trader, are examples, changing in real-time. Please confirm the final exchange rate and price at our Service Providers' websites.

  5. 5. When can I receive purchased cryptocurrencies?

    Usually, cryptocurrencies are depostied in your AcornBIT account 20 and 30 minutes later after your purchase. However, it may take longer based on network status and Service Providers' situation.